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DC Brushless Variable Speed Motor - Quiet and Pollution Free

Solar pool pumps are built with a DC Brushless Variable Speed Motor, wet end to move the water and controller that is powered by solar panels. To turn on and off the pump from the current from the solar panels, if you need to clean it - a DC CGFI cutoff switch. This system works purely from the power of the sun! Quiet and pollution free.

Ideal for anyone that owns a pool and lives in a sunny climate that wants to save money on their electric bills.

Turn Off Your 230 Volt A/C Pump that can consume over $1200 per year in electricity! Your pool pump is your home's second-largest energy consumer. It can cost up to $150+ per month to operate in the islands and accounts for creating literally tons of pollution every year.

Quiet. Cool. Efficient. Long-lasting. Solar Energy can power your Pool Filtering System using the free power of the sun to save you money.

Solar Pool Pumps Solar Pool Pumps


UL Listed Lorentz Solar Pool Pump offered by Florida Pool PumpThe only UL Listed Solar Pool Pump on the Market! UL Certification CS15,17,36,36 - Met Laboratories, Inc. - Certification Record for Lorentz Surface Pumps - Models: PS150 CS, PS600 CS, PS1800 CS


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We design, sell and deploy solar heating and photovoltaic power systems.

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